Advance Review / Unopened

Someone’s always got to be first, so big thanks to Tom Schulte, for this advance review of Doug Hoekstra’s forthcoming  book, Unopened, just posted on Goodreads.   Four out of five stars is good any day of the week, and we appreciate the insight, as well.  Official street date 2.5.2019.

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The Storm

New poem of mine, “The Storm,” on the 43rd page of the new In Layman’s Terms out today, the water issue.    Enjoy, but please check out the whole magazine, which is wonderful, an “online literary journal dedicated to encouraging a new appreciation of science, technology, and the natural world for the average person.”   Thanks, Doug.

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Bauhaus Calling

Visiting museums is inspiring for me; here’s one that came after touring a Kandinsky retrospective at the Frist in Nashville.  Uses the eastern sedoka form.  Enjoy.  Doug.

Bauhaus Calling Sedoka

Kandinsky and Me
Riding with the Clash again
Four Horsemen and the Bible
Black Grid, Blonde Tele
Three Chords and Many Colors
Breaking all the barriers

Blue Rider Kandinsky

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Carry Me

My son Jude turns 16 this Sunday (November 4).   Here’s a new one I wrote for him, after a stroll at Radnor Lake.  Happy Birthday, Jude – with all my love – always.  Dad.

Carry Me

Rambling autumn walk,
burnt colors turn to sounds
woodpecker clouds
hammer the trees
like claves in an orchestra
lagging slightly off the beat
in this quiet bossanova forest

Rustling footprints scatter
silence to the fall. familiar
critters cross my trail
crying in the distance
taking me from today
to another time. carry me
you’d shout. carry me
the rest of the way
before we hardly started

Reaching outstretched arms
I’d pick you up cradle you
proud of who I was
proud of who we were
until we reached a point
where your feet touched the ground
and you ran around the corner
where I could no longer see
the light of your life

Embracing your own love
finding your own happiness
and sometimes, crazy sorrow,
please know I keep on walking
not very far behind
always, just in case.
know I do my best to
carry you to freedom
as long as I can

On my rambling autumn walk


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Doug Hoekstra’s third book, a collection of published and unpublished poems titled Unopened will hit the streets February 5, 2019.  The book also features Hoekstra’s original artwork.  Publicity will be handled by the Nashville-based JKS Communications.  More details on this site and elsewhere, as they happen.

073018 Unopened Cover (Final1) front


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The Open Window

Happy to return to Feminine Collective with a new short story, “The Open Window.”  Glad to be a repeat contributor to this journal.  As they say at FC, it’s a journal in which “powerful women” (and a few good men) share their inspiring stories of daily life….humanity, raw, and unfiltered.  Check it out and enjoy.


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Pennyblack Music

Happy to weigh in on the Pennyblack Music 20th anniversary (scroll down to the “H” artists).  Pennyblack is a fine UK music zine run by fine folks who I met on my first gig run through Scotland (reminiscing enclosed).  Check out the link, check out the zine and big congrats to John Clarkson and company.

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