Unopened / Midwest Book Review

Nice advance review on the new book,  Unopened from the Midwest Book Review Blurb and link to full text below.  Thanks, MBW.

“…An inherently engaging, entertaining, thoughtful and thought-provoking read from a unique and impressively talented wordsmith of an author, “Unopened” is unreservedly recommended…”

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Unopened Contest

Everyone likes contests, right?  Jump on in!

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DSC_0450Pleased to unveil the first published poems of the year, two brand new ones, “Cotton” and “Younger than I” , now up and running at the excellent print and online literary magazine Better than Starbucks

Check them out at the link below, along with a host of excellent writers.

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The Fair Grounds

Lots of bits and bobs getting published these days, and we are chuffed to unveil a new Doug Hoekstra essay, “The Fair Grounds,” in the new edition of Edify Fiction. It’s a Nashville story, layered, with a perfect day at the center. Check it out at the fair

Edify’s mission is to “offer positive and uplifting fiction content by new and established authors. For our readers, it is all things good or true or romantic or beautiful or lovely”. Nice to see a lit zine with that mission, please take a gander, read up, enjoy, and spread the word.  Thanks!

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No Fear

sled hill 2

Happy to have a new essay of mine titled “No Fear,” published in the latest edition of Two Cities Review, a fine literary magazine with roots in Brooklyn and Chicago. As the editors say in their header, this one is a “story about the holiday season that will get you thinking about Christmas in a new way.”

Thanks for the read, Doug.

sled hill 1



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Interstate 65 Revisited

Happy to be a repeat contributor to a fine literary zine out of Ann Arbor titled The Big Windows Review.   A new poem of mine, “Interstate 65 Revisited” was just featured in the latest online edition and will resurface in print, early 2019.   Check out the zine, check out the poem (below), and as always, thanks for the read, Doug

interstate 65 revisited


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Red-Tailed Hawk

Chuffed to have a flash fiction of mine, “Red-Tailed Hawk,” in the latest edition of Ambush Review, a fine San Francisco based literary zine. It arrived in the post today, looks/reads great, and makes me think of City Lights and so much great literary history from the city by the bay.  Enjoy the read (reprinted below), seek ’em out if you can, and support your local scene, wherever you may be.  Thanks Ambush.  Doug.

Ambush 5b

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