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Simplicity – High School

Showing Jude some of my ancient writings, I found a portfolio from High School English, poems and stories neatly typed for the teacher’s consideration.  “Simplicity” is from that folder.   I stole the first line from a Nick Lowe song.  Overall, … Continue reading

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Field Museum Poem

Over Christmas, my son Jude and I went to the Field Museum and saw a fascinating exhibit on bio-luminescent creatures.  I learned a lot about fireflies and many other beings of the sea.   So, I thought I’d try to do … Continue reading

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Colorful Forgiveness Dreams

Happy New Year!   Maybe it’s just a man-made calendar system we’re looking at, but why not turn the page and think, yes, this is the year that will be the best year ever?  No regrets! In an interesting tale, Jude … Continue reading

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