The After Party

Don’t know why Memphis Soul has been turning up here so often, but since I did Isaac Hayes a turn awhile back, seems it’s only fitting to David Porter, as well.   This is based on a true happening.  Enjoy.

The After Party

At the Orpheum in Memphis,
Waiting for the crew to guide us
Backstage to the after party
I met legendary songwriter
David Porter, and his wife

When soul was soul, there was
McLemore Avenue. Hayes and Porter
Hold On I’m Coming
I Thank You. And later….
I’m Afraid the Masquerade is Over

David was older by that time,
Like all of us, but still hip
With his black leather jacket and
Purple beret, tilted ever so slightly
Still working the angles

When he slipped out to the restroom
His wife just smiled, eyes
Affectionate, knowing, as if
Waiting was something she was
Used to – and didn’t really mind

“I’m sure you get this all the time”
And there are so many good ones
But what is your favorite
David Porter song?” I asked,
Making conversation notes

Her face became thoughtful
As the stage hands broke down
Rolling and rumbling equipment
Flight cases on casters to the
Unseen side of the stage

“No, I don’t get that at all,” she said
“But I’d have to choose,
“When Something is Wrong With my Baby,”
Past the stage lights she gazed
Searching for the shadow of a young girl

I nodded my head in agreement,
Thinking of past loves, wrong turns
Destinations lost and found
When something is wrong with my baby
Something is wrong with me


About Doug Hoekstra

Father, wordsmith, musician, creative.
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