Blade Runner Love

New poem (“Blade Runner Love””) up at Feminine Collective,  a journal in which “powerful women” (and a few good men) share their inspiring stories of daily life….humanity, raw, and unfiltered. This is a repeat performance at FC for me, and am very chuffed to be one of these “few good men,” at this fine zine.  Check it out and enjoy.

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Unopened Cover Art

Been working on a collection of poems for release this year and decided to do the artwork myself (samples below). The concept came from the notion that art is like a collection of fragments—memory, imagination, anticipation—broken and reassembled.

6 and 6 choice 3There are two poems in the collection that are central to its whole—the title poem, “Unopened,” which centers on my father and pivots off an old LP I recovered, and “Thanksgiving Day,” which centers on my mother and pivots off some of her old glassware—candlewick. My idea was to take images representative of those poems, break them and put them back together, so they became, like memory, both real and imagined, both literal and abstract, shaped by process. Like found sound. Or life.5 and 5 choice 2

First, I took photographs of the album cover, printed those in various sizes, slicing and splicing the pieces on different colored backdrops, working through about a dozen iterations. Then I photographed two candlewick glasses and printed those images on transparency paper, in different sizes, smearing the ink as it came out of the printer, again about a dozen versions. Then I mixed and matched, laying the various transparencies over the various collages, scanning and manipulating those layered combinations again. So, in the end, the images were represented in full, but in pieces, like memory, art, or the poems in the collection.

Narrowed it down to the best “four,” and you’re welcome to shoot me a line if you want to vote for your favorite. More on the book to come.   Thanks, Doug.


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Innovation (Sedoka)

A couple years ago, I stumbled across a book of poems by Ryokan, a Zen Monk poet from Japan (1758-1831). He was fond of writing sedokas. Googling will tell you that “the sedōka, or “head-repeated poem,” consists of two tercets of five, seven, and seven syllables each. An uncommon form, it was sometimes used for dialogues. Chōka and sedōka were seldom written after the 8th century.”

Think again, there are a couple sedokas in my forthcoming book, and here’s an outtake for your enjoyment!  Best, Doug


On Charing Cross Road
Bookstores line up in a row
Beckoning passers by 2
Stop. Escape the rain
Take shelter in flowing words
Ideas cast from the past

innovation pic

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Double Rainbow

I write a lot about my son Jude, which stands to reason, since being a dad is the best thing that ever happened to me. Plus, I figure since everyone is either a child or parent at some point in their lives, it embraces many varied and relatable themes. This scribble was inspired by a recent Spring Break my son and I took, driving through Utah, listening to a lot of Edward Abbey in the car, looking outside the window and making the connections. Enjoy

Double Rainbow

Me and Jude
Driving on towards solitude
Listening to Edward Abbey read
Fire towers.  Freedom.
A backdrop of desert hues
Worthy of a painter’s palette

We share words
Visions.  Experiences.
From opposite ends of the spectrum
He, starting at the beginning
Me, heading towards the end
With perspective and proportion

Like the pinyon tree holding on
Alone in the distance, its
Deep roots defying the odds,
Against looming sandstone cliffs
And a double rainbow that appears
Seemingly just for us

DSC_0274 (2).JPG

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The After Party

Happy to report that a new Doug Hoekstra poem, “The After Party,” is up and running at the estimable Deep South Magazine right here:

Deep South is an online magazine covering the literature and culture of the South, celebrating . Southern literature by interviewing authors, reviewing their books, creating reading lists and visiting landmarks.  Their  Southern Voice section presents submitted fiction, nonfiction and poetry, and featured some Hoekstra prose in the past (thank you much).  Check ‘em out and enjoy

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Ode to Brian Jones

Recently went to see the Rolling Stones’ Exhibitionism at the Musicians Hall of Fame here in Nashville. Got me reflecting on the founder of the stones, the long gone Brian Jones.

Ode to Brian Jones

Blonde hair. Devilish grin
Dreaming of a pink Cadillac
In a fan club questionnaire
Praising Muddy. Howling Wolf,
Before anybody knew. Or cared.

Vox dobro. Silence behind glass
The birthdate that we share
I remember Brian Jones. Pisces
The fading light that glimmers
On everyone but him.


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Monument Valley

DSC_0162 edit post 2.jpg

Happy to plug a new poem of mine, “Monument Valley,”  just published at the very fine Big Windows Review (the literary magazine of the Writing Center at WCC, in Ann Arbor, Michigan).    Check it out at:

And for the bonus experience, I’ve included a couple of my photies right here.  Enjoy.

100_7952 for post 1.jpg


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