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Me, Jude, Peter and his Auntie

Peter and his Auntie This past summer (2013), Jude and I went to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville to see the three surviving Monkees  hop the first train to Clarksville and play a string of their deepest album cuts and … Continue reading

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Colorful Forgiveness Dreams

Happy New Year!   Maybe it’s just a man-made calendar system we’re looking at, but why not turn the page and think, yes, this is the year that will be the best year ever?  No regrets! In an interesting tale, Jude … Continue reading

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Georgia Rolley Hole Revisited

MARBLES September 14, 2013.  My son Jude and I went to the National Rolley Hole tournament in Standing Stone State Park, Tennessee. We did this a few years back and you can revisit those musings below. Some things change and … Continue reading

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Unopened In the unfinished basement Past stainless steel filing cabinets Humming humidifiers and Stacks of yellow magazines I reach two racks of records Promised to my son. . My heart can only take a few, including “Memories of a Middle-Aged … Continue reading

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The Spin

Hey folks: It’s been way too long since I sent out a “hello from the homestead” note. I’ve been crazy busy. Jude just turned 11 and I have a bunch of adventures to report from the year, but somehow, the … Continue reading

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Coach Pitch

Summertime is here and little league is winding down (the season starts in spring here in Nashville). This year the team is sponsored by his school, USN, and so nearly all Jude’s teammates are his pals and classmates, which is … Continue reading

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Greene and Parenthood

Reading Graham Greene’s “Our Man in Havana,” this past week, I ran across this lovely passage, which says it better than anyone could. The main character is speaking of his daughter: “….he couldn’t afford the time not to love. It … Continue reading

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