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“Maps” from Unopened

Here’s an interesting, different kind of ink, which provides analysis of a specific poem, “Maps” from my new book, Unopened.  Enjoy the read (and thanks Hannah) An Analysis of Maps by Doug Hoekstra

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Clark is Coming

Took a drive down the Natchez Trace last weekend, and as always, was struck by the layers of history as well as beauty. Passed by the Meriwether Lewis site and decided to write the piece I’d always meant to (“Clark … Continue reading

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Ode to My Chuck Taylors

Here’s a new poem, “Ode to My Chuck Taylors,” just for here….enjoy.  Doug Ode to My Chuck Taylors On a listless Sunday afternoon My black hi-top Chuck Taylors Lie waiting on the hardwood floor Classic, cool, casual They beckon me … Continue reading

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Hello It’s Me

Hello It’s Me (A Short Story) A black piece of plastic spun around and around, etched memories carved into grooves and transmitted into the ethers through diamond cut magic. Timeless. Better than digital. Warmer and somehow, more human. Vinyl never … Continue reading

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The Tilt a World

New flash fiction, “The Tilt a World” up at the fabulous Fifty Word Stories site. Enjoy! https://fiftywordstories.com/2018/07/20/doug-hoekstra-the-tilt-a-world/

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On the Mountain with Mr. Bouton

It’s been awhile since I wrote about baseball, but recently I was in Seattle with my son Jude, went to a Mariners game, and scaled Hurricane Ridge, drawing some connections, inspiring  “On the Mountain with Mr. Bouton.”   The  folks … Continue reading

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Ode to Brian Jones

Recently went to see the Rolling Stones’ Exhibitionism at the Musicians Hall of Fame here in Nashville. Got me reflecting on the founder of the stones, the long gone Brian Jones. Ode to Brian Jones Blonde hair. Devilish grin Pink … Continue reading

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